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LE & Professional Security: Pro Gallery

NEW Byrna Law Enforcement Launcher

LE & Professional Security: Video
LE & Professional Security: Pro Gallery

NEW Byrna Level 2 Multi-attachable Holster

3 different attachments, duty belt, molle, and paddle.

LE & Professional Security: Video

The Diamondhead Tactical Solutions Team

BYRNA  Certified Law Enforcement Trainers & Consultants


Brant Manuel

BYRNA Certified Law Enforcement Trainer and Consultant


Mitch Maybin

BYRNA Certified Law Enforcement Trainer and Consultant

LE & Professional Security: Team


BYRNA launchers are currently being used throughout the United States by Local, County, and State agencies. Also being deployed by the U.S. Marshals and ATF.



DTS currently has clients like ADF Protection Services, a professional security company out of Modesto, California, who have implemented using BYRNA launchers in their less-lethal ecosystem. Call or email us at DTS so we setup an appointment to show you these great products that you can add to your less-lethal ecosystem.


DTS Certified BYRNA LE Instructors

DTS (Diamondhead Tactical Solutions) is now a Certified BYRNA LE (Law Enforcement) Trainer. Contact us for training details.


DIAMONDHEAD TACTICAL SOLUTIONS (DTS) is now a BYRNA LE Dealer here in California.

For all agencies who need training, equipment, and supplies DTS is your one-stop-shop.

We are BYRNA Certified Instructors for the end-user. Contact us for training and product demonstration.

We can demonstrate and equip your team with the latest in less-lethal options.

We have 26 years of experience behind us and can give you the advantage you need in this changing environment.

***Please go to our contact page and let us know how you heard about us and if you would like to know more on how to see a demonstration of this product in person. We are booking fast. Contact us today.***

LE & Professional Security: Team

LE & PPS Only

All items shown here are for LE (Law Enforcement) and PPS (Professional Private Security) officers.

LE & Professional Security: Portfolio

Below is a comparison of the Byrna launcher to many common non-lethal or less-than-lethal options on the market or in use today.

LE & Professional Security: Image

Clients we work with

Safehaven Pro_edited.jpg

Personal Digital Security App

Visit our website for more information on how that app works so that you, your family, friends, and co-workers can see how the app will help keep you safe.

SafeHaven Pro puts the demand in your hand. Your voice matters!!


PPO 120361

DTS is proud to work with ADF Protection Services & Training Center in Modesto, California.

logo_lrg2 (1).png

PPO 121608

DTS is proud to work with Capital Security Solutions in Sacramento, California


BYRNA Law Enforcement

Diamondhead Tactical Solutions is proud to be a Certified  BYRNA Law Enforcement Trainer

LE & Professional Security: Clients
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